By Allan Cohen and David Bradford

This web site is as an extension of the Influence Without Authority and Influencing Up books. It offers complex case examples of people attempting to gain influence over those they do not control. Each example is also analyzed for lessons about implementing our influence concepts. In addition there are convenient links to more information about influence and persuasion.

Influencing Up, about how to influence powerful people, (bosses and other senior executives), explores the behavioral consequences of large gaps in power (“blindness” and “laryngitis”), what powerful people care about, and how to create partnerships despite power differences.

It has now been published by Wiley. To view more details about this book or to order it, click on one of the providers below:

A new book with considerable material on influence and leadership development in family businesses, has recently been published by Berrett-Koehler.  It is Entrepreneurs in Every Generation;  How Successful Family Businesses Develop Their Next Leaders, with Pramodita Sharma. It concludes with the Iron Laws of Influence for Family Members.