Montana Miracle

Making a Minor Miracle in Montana: Using Influence to Change People and Groups Outside your Organization 

Timlynn Babitsky and Jim Salomon saw the enormous potential of wind power in Montana, but the locals, unfamiliar with their organization, were skittish. By partnering with several government-sponsored groups, and landing some well-placed publicity, they were able to start a grassroots movement that is tapping into a powerful existing resource and improving people’s lives. Important elements of their influence campaign include:

  • Finding an issue you care passionately about in order to sustain the effort to overcome complex opposition 
  • Locating all the relevant stakeholders, and using any connection to them you have 
  • Using every available communication device to spread variations of your message 
  • Providing information, access, responsiveness, and homework to relieve time pressure for key stakeholders 

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